The international art, music and culture festival, initiated by Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli eV (VcA) and FC Sankt Pauli in Hamburg, uses the language of art to create art in water and visitors * transforming people and cultural workers into participants in social change processes.

Every year, the Millerntor Stadium, a firmly established institution in the heart of the city, becomes an open platform for dialogue and exchange, in which a heterogeneous audience meets at local, international and intercultural level. Artistic works of all genres meet a diverse music, culture and education program and show the different possibilities of participating in a positive socio-ecological change. Over 250 volunteer supporters, numerous international artists and cultural workers and around 17,000 visitors thus become actors in civil society.

The vision of VcA was brought into focus under the title of the 9th Millerntor Gallery "Water is a Human Right" . The constantly growing possibilities of globalization and digitality simplify economic, political, cultural and intellectual networks, but this potential also comes with a responsibility; a duty to think outside the box and to promote global humanism. Let’s take advantage of today's innovation, creativity and technology to advocate for human rights worldwide!

Water is a resource as well as an all-connecting element that can be used as a symbol to establish a transnational, neutral and merciless solidarity with all inhabitants of the globe. Under this theme, various genres of art come together during the four days of the festival, which interpret this year's theme in an individual way.



Viva con Agua Arts (VcAA) is a social business of VcA and specializes in making an ideal and / or financial contribution to the worldwide projects of VcA by organizing art, cultural and musical events. So far, VcA has given more than 3 million people access to clean drinking water.