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23-26, 2022


The curation



Curation, Millerntor Gallery X


When it comes to conveying big messages with art, there is no way around this artist. More than 20 years ago, the native of Frankfurt began to deal with graffiti art in the context of her hometown: Jasmin Siddiqui made herself part of the scene, turned her back on her communication studies and became HERA. Fixated on the color on walls and annoyed by people's fixation on the color of their skin, she devotes her entire work to creative and socially critical contexts - everywhere.

Today she travels in dizzyingly many countries around the world and shows other people her tremendous view of fragile things, giving the sadness a language with pictures that everyone understands. Even those who otherwise often feel marginalized – like she did many years ago. Not only did she save herself with art, she created herself with it.

So who better than HERA to curate the artists of the 10th Millerntor Gallery? None. That's why she's here. And for real: she is the perfect cast! In any case, we are extremely happy that the woman behind hundreds of exorbitant murals, including the characteristic mini lyrics at the edge of the picture and several multi-material works, is now even supporting the Gallery 2022 as a curator with her power aura. And she suits us so well that she came up with a slogan for the next millennium: "Viva con Agua is activism with the fun aspects of life!"
Thank you Hera. Thanks for who you are!

The topic


This summer we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Millerntor Gallery. Ten years of collectivist collaboration, exploration, creative work and intercultural exchange. The anniversary is dedicated to the theme FLUXUS - together we flow.

Art flowing into each other with life, dissolving boundaries of genres and art forms, fluid gender and group affiliations, boundless togetherness, creativity and joy in flow. Millerntor Gallery creates an open space for equal participation and representation, an open space for people who are excluded. This year's motto FLUXUS is dedicated to them. With this, we offer people the opportunity to show their views, their realities, their personalities and to participate actively and in flow in social change processes. 

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