A Millerntor Gallery to leaf through, a colorful consolation for all festival lovers - and last but not least an opportunity to support the social work of Viva con Agua: Purchasing the magazine enables WASH projects all over the world.


The Millerntor Gallery - the unique art, music and culture festival of Viva con Agua ARTS gGmbH - is one of the most popular events in the Hamburg event calendar. But instead of artistically designed walls in the most beautiful stadium in the world and a diverse program centered around the universal language of art, the Millerntor will remain empty this year due to the Corona virus. And that of all things on the big anniversary: the 10th birthday of the Millerntor Gallery.

This was of course a big shock for the organizers and the many volunteers at the Millerntor Gallery, but it quickly turned into the typical positive activism. Because if people can't come to the festival, the festival is simply brought to the people!: Without further ado, the anniversary edition of the festival magazine became the "Togetherness Edition". On around 200 pages, readers will now find fascinating stories about solidarity from Hamburg to South Africa, exciting behind-the-scenes insights, moving photo series - and of course everything about urban art with all its facets. 


You can find all the interviews with the people who feel connected to Viva con Agua in various ways here.