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The Millerntor Gallery is an international art, music and culture festival initiated by Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. and FC Sankt Pauli from 13th to 16th of July 2023 and contributes as project from Viva con Agua to our vision “Art creates water”

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Every year, the Millerntor Stadium becomes an open platform for dialogue and exchange – locally, internationally and interculturally. Artworks of all genres and a diverse musical, cultural and educational program demonstrate the different ways in which every person can contribute to a positive social and ecological transformation. Based on the volunteer work of more than 150 supporters, the Millerntor Gallery responds to the universal language of art and music to become an active member of our society. With #artcreateswater, we invite you to participate in global call for artistic action

Proceeds from the art sale support the work and water projects of Viva con Agua as well as the creative work of participating artists.

If you are interested in participating at the Millerntor Gallery #11, please apply until the 31st of December by uploading a concept (PDF) with your interpretation of this year’s topic "MAKING WAVES – The Power of Water"Read the full curation text.
Even after the application deadline, we still accept and review unsolicited applications. 


  • Upload your concept for your mural approx. 7,50 x 3,50 meter  

  • Think about places for your artworks that can be sold

  • Tell us a little bit about your idea of the concept 

  • Block the production period (1.-9.7.2023) and the festival (12.-16.7.2023) 

  • And add: 

    • biography for communication 

    • press photo of yourself (1070x1070px, 300 dpi) 

    • links to your socials 

  • And don’t forget your contact information 

MTG_2022_Philipp Carl (18).jpg


Waves and water can be any colour that reflects in the light. 

  • Waves can be more than water and blue, which power do you approach? 

  • What can you see? 

  • How do you create a dialogue with the audience and other artists? 

  • What does MAKING waves have to do with Hamburg, the stadium of FC Sankt Pauli and Viva con Agua? 

  • What impact do you see and feel connected to water on our planet 

Full curation text


MAKING WAVES - The Power of Water


Always moving in the rhythm of the moon. Overlooked as single drop. Respected like a powerful ocean. Experienced as clouds and rivers, cycling around the world. Making our climate, ever changing, and forever different. Humanity is influenced and influences. Even within our bodies, water is deeply embedded in our cells as a source of energy.


Originated from the universe, billions of years ago. Composed as all living life forms. Believed to be sacred in traditions and rituals. Associated with the divine renewal, birth, cleansing and healing.


Fresh and playful - origin and source of joy and love. Feminine and powerful flowing, a joyful culture we all enjoy together. Poetically spoken, organically grown, emotional and intuitive perceived, full of desire and ecstasy, sharing love for water in every phase of life.


Access to water is a driving force. Bringing great advantage and even greater responsibility. With indirection of power and inequalities it can be source of fortune and desaster. United with awareness, we collectively accept this challenge and we invite you with your creativity and artistic spirit to contribute to maintain our livelihood and enable all living beings to access water.


Let's celebrate the water. Let's share the power of water and heal nature with it. Learning to see and reflect the varieties of colours, understanding the sound, experience the taste and smells, speaking up with subtlety for life with water. Take part in the world's greatest social engaged arts festival. In a collective movement. Together we can make waves for our vision ART CREATES WATER.

If you have any questions, please contact Sophie Mehner, curator of Viva con Agua ARTS (, T. +49 (0) 176 55923422).


We appreciate applications by people of all color, gender and cultural backgrounds.

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