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Svenja is a Millennial and is suddenly overwhelmed by the generational shift as of late: When exactly did Gen Z take over? Since when is she too old to be really young, but still too young for the retirement home? Her solution: get out of the overload, get to the pulse of the times. And who better to help than Germany's most popular youth magazine, Bravo? The Bravo project was born: In her podcast, Svenja now reads Bravo with you every month and tries to stay up-to-date. At the Millerntor Gallery, Svenja records a live podcast on stage and tries to find answers to these questions together with you based on the Bravo issue 08/2023: Which trends do we 90s kids really still have to follow these days, which topics move the generation that will be Federal Chancellor tomorrow, which face on the cover should we perhaps know after all, and is one too old in one's early 30s to still be a fangirl of the Elevator Boys? If you can’t wait till the Gallery to listen in, you can find the Bravo project on all the usual podcast platforms.

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