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„a to the k, homeboy!

…angry_koala iz hot like juicy jalapenos.
kicking that sick shit & bringing da bam.
mixing supa dopeness withstreet art and graphic design.
angry_koala is PMAA - positive mental attitude art.
it’s all in the remix: illustration meets painting meets graffiti meets comic meets design meets handmade.
analog and digital.

angry_koala is something like an artist group.
our tree can be found in hamburg city.
we teamed up with HKDNS in 2017: new best friendz with a high output level.

angry_koala wants 2 make you smile and think.
pumping out murals, canvas, art toys, shirts, posters, stickers.
graffiti and illustration on everything you can imagine. you name it. we make it.

angry_koala iz making the world a bit more cute and colourful. love, peace and keep it real!“

Art Sticker dark purple.png

angry_koala x HKDNS

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