Update 2021

Dear friends & supporters,

you probably already guessed it and that's why we remove the plaster very quickly:

There will be no Millerntor Gallery in 2021 either. There are various reasons for this: the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the corona pandemic and a shortened production window had the greatest influence on our decision.
Organizing a Millerntor Gallery as we know, love and expect it is simply impossible economically and with the necessary hygiene measures. This is frustrating and again presents us with some major challenges.

But we are St. Pauli. And so here comes the big "now more than ever":

The early cancellation gives us time to plan fresh and exciting alternative ideas. We have many campaigns and events in the pipeline that are easier to implement - digital and analog. In Hamburg of course, but also beyond the most beautiful city in the world. Because: Our digital Vallery and also our Quellen Galerie in Stuttgart have impressively shown that our vibe is seen and loved all over Germany.

One thing is clear: with our legendary supporter family, we will continue to fill the vision “ART CREATES WATER” with life without a Millerntor Gallery - and generate important donations for Viva con Agua with a mix of art, music and culture that is unique in Germany .

Your support is therefore particularly important in 2021.
Follow us on the usual channels. Stay up to date. Ask us. Inspires us. Help us. Improve us. Spread the word and above all: stay healthy!

And in 2022 we will celebrate another colorful, loud and exuberant party in the stadium with you! Thanks for your

Your Viva con Agua ARTS team



The Millerntor Gallery is an international art, music and culture festival in the heart of Hamburg. Initiated by Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli eV (VcA) and FC Sankt Pauli, over 250 volunteer supporters transform the Millerntor Stadium into a unique platform every year: artistic works of all genres meet a diverse music, culture and education program . Colorful, loud and open to everyone - all proceeds go to Viva con Agua's WASH projects.

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The profits of the MILLERNTOR GALLERY flow into the work and projects of Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.

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