The 9th Millerntor Gallery represents the title “Water is a human Right” which focusses on the vision of VcA specifically. Through the rapid growth of globalization and digitalization, economy, politics as well as cultural and spiritual networking are more in ease. But therefore, this potential also brings many responsibilities. More of an obligation to develop a sense for internationalization- to leave your home country and to push for global humanism.

Today, let us use our many possibilities -innovation, creativity and technology to stand for human rights worldwide.


Water is a resource along with an all connected element. This element is used to build up a transnational and merciless solidarity within all residents on this earth.

The topic of the gallery “Water is a Human Rigth” will lead you through the four-day Gallery that will represent many genres of art with an influence and interpretation of this title. ALL FOR WATER, WATER FOR ALL.