The profits of the MILLERNTOR GALLERY flow into the work and projects of Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.

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© 2020 by Viva con Agua ARTS

Neuer Kamp 30 

20357 Hamburg


The Millerntor Stadium is an established institution in the heart of the city. Every year it transforms into an open platform for dialogue and interaction, where a heterogenic crowd meets on a local, international and intercultural level. Artistic expression from every genre meets a diverse music, culture and education program. It shows the many possibilities of participating in positive, socio-ecological change. Thus, more than 250 supporters, numerous international artists and creatives, as well as 17,000 visitors become a collective actor of civil society.

This year we celebrate the anniversary of the MILLERNTOR GALLERY under the title “ALL FOR WATER” and thus the “Art of Togetherness” as a universal way of dealing with questions and challenges, with which we are confronted today.

Holding together is not only the only way to find new ways and solutions, to change our society positively, but also the key to a happy and fulfilling lives for all members of our earth.

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