Social startup pitch  2020

Photo: Tom Novak

#stayathome we stay at home too! The social start-up pitch would take place at the Millerntor Gallery (MTG) for the fourth time this year and we were normally in the middle of the preparations for it. But this year everything is different: for known reasons, the MTG is unfortunately not taking place! But is that why not a social start-up pitch? Not with us!


The Social StartUp Pitch will take place digitally to provide a stage for social companies this year as well. We are working with ONE Hamburg , the new social TV broadcaster for and from the Hanseatic city. In the current situation, ONE creates a stage for culture and a platform for the exchange of different formats.



Photo: Sebastian Madej

Photo: Sebastian Madej

In 2020, the Social StartUp Pitch will not only be seen once, but several times in the ONE program. Each episode is dedicated to a different topic. We will start on Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 at 6 p.m. live at ONE with the topic "Plastic: Avoidance, Recycling, Innovation".

Three innovative startups from this subject area will be broadcast live in the studio and have the opportunity to present their idea and inspire the broad audience of ONE. Short, crisp and captivating, a wide variety of approaches for the implementation of various sustainable ideas are presented. In the end, the decision about the winner is entirely in the hands of the audience.

Are you entrepreneurially active in the social and / or ecological area and have you already overcome the first hurdles? Do you want to inspire people for your idea and exchange ideas? Your business has nothing to do with plastic, but could it be interesting for one of the future episodes?

Then apply for the Social StartUp Pitch!

Send us the profile of your start-up by May 15, 2020 (in a nutshell )

How to apply:

  1. Describe your business model and the resulting social and / or ecological added value.

  2. Tell us something about yourself or your team.

  3. In which phase of the company foundation are you currently?