The Artist Podcast
by STABILO & the Millerntor Gallery.


Under the motto "Art creates Water", Viva con Agua ARTS is committed to the drinking water and sanitation projects of Viva con Agua. Together with her partner Stabilo, a podcast about art for a good cause was created here.

Arne Vogler, Managing Director of Viva con Agua ARTS, regularly welcomes artists who live out their creativity and are socially committed to making the world a little more colorful and even a little better with their art. The conversations are about herself, creativity, exciting projects, social responsibility and her very personal relationship with Stabilo.

You can not only hear what comes out of this in this podcast, but also see it and become creative yourself. Every artist brings a work of art to color in.
True to the motto: "Express Yourself!"

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Episode 4 

Stephen Kunz


In the fourth episode of the sketch dresser, Arne from the Millerntor Gallery talks to the hand lettering artist Stefan Kunz about the power of words, how the three question marks at school saved him from deadly boredom in German class, which Stabilo pen he used to fill several notebooks and how he committed himself from a banker and wedding photographer to a full-time artist ... 


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