Artist-Briefing – Save the Oceans


Save-the-oceans - that's me, Emelie, with an idea to use existing resources, and my father as a backup. We save the finest paper by the pallet before it is recycled in an energy-intensive process. We think that this is completely superfluous! We then use the 1a paper to produce high-quality note and sketchbooks. We sell them at about cost price, but always tied to a donation to an environmental protection organization. Our first series of notebooks has already collected 3000 euros in donations, won a prize and is also waiting for you! Our latest papersaver campaign is now creating two Viva con Agua Editions. 5, - Euro per book will be donated directly to Viva con Agua.


The profits of the MILLERNTOR GALLERY flow into the work and projects of Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.

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Best External Organizer

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