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The Gulit

The Gulit

Übel & Gefährlich
Freitag, 24. Juni 2022
21:30 - 22:30 h


The Guilt are the sharpest tool in the shed!
Extremely driving beats, cutting guitar sounds and Singer Emma, who presents a sports acrobatics on stage, that makes you sore muscles just by watching.
The Guilt is a Swedish brutal electro punk disco company.
Danceable songs with aggressive, digital beats and rousing stage performance. Call it aerobic lazerpunk action, death Disco, Electroclash, Body-Punk - The Guilt can be classified as you want. But one thing is certain: You will sweat profusely as soon as the hammering out the first beats.
"It is very angry and stupid, super danceable, full of hate"
Anyone who has already experienced The Guilt on stage knows this statement is true.
On the new album "New Knifes" (unfortunately released in time for the start of the 2020 pandemic), evolved the previous Guilt sound into an even weirder, hectic kind of electropunk. More beats and synthesizers, but also more melodies and more space for fun.
"We sharpened the thing". says Emma Anitchka (vocals, machines, knives).
"New Knives" has songs about the job, about yeast infections, about how to use new knives, power and revenge. That means it's about serious life issues.
The original line-up of Emma and Tobias (guitars, machines) toured with their breakneck live shows across Europe under the motto - "If I can't dance, then that's it not my revolution”.
In 2021, The Guilt reformed: with a slight delay, due to the aforesaid worldly and some internal affairs, The Guilt returns to 2022 with a NEW line-up: As always, Emma Anitchka embodies the complete front program of the Band that sets the brutal tone for this small and angry band. A new feature of the year 2022 is guitarist/bassist Catnip Lizzy (formerly active in Sweden with Ragata and Arre Arra!). Lizzy is known for acting an unpredictable tornado on stage. Off the stage she reveals herself to be a remarkable Formula 1 connoisseur.

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