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Ronis Goliath

Ronis Goliath, the 26-year-old Berlin-based singer with roots in Cameroon, combines Afrobeat, dancehall, R&B and pop in his music, inspired by his West African roots and diverse influences. The music serves as an expression of his identity and a connector between his two home countries. He recently had a viral hit in Nigeria, Africa with Foo7, which also charted in the Top 50 Shazam-Charts in over 20 different countries. His fanbase is growing quick and his live shows always sell out.

Whoever meets the almost two meter tall Ronis is surprised by his smooth voice and powerful live performance. Wether busking in the streets of Berlin, on TikTok or on stage, Ronis is what you call an apparition. And one that carries away and opens hearts.



18:15 - 19:00 Uhr

Mural Stage

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