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Guacáyo steht fürs Fließen lassen, fürs mit dem Flow gehen, für die Annahme aller Emotionen. Element ist WASSER. Mit Songs wie Selva, Drop in the Ocean und Mami Water setzt sich die vierköpfige Hamburger Band aus St. Pauli für Umweltschutz und gegen Wasserprivatisierung sein. Zugang zu sauberem Trinkwasser ist ein Menschenrecht! In lokalen Viva con Agua Vereinen von Groningen bis Saarbrücken ist die Band wohl bekannt. Spätestens seit dem Period Day 2022 wird Guacáyo auch im Viva con Agua Hauptquartier St.Pauli gehört. Dieses Jahr wollen sie sich die Millerntor Gallery nicht entgehen lassen und tanzen mit euch in den Sonnenuntergang.




Main Stage

What do you do, when life (or rather 2020) hands you a bunch of lemons? That's right: Lemonade! That’s what Guacáyo thought-just that they made an entire "Lemonade" EP! Sassy Pop sounds meet Reggae, Dub and Hip-Hop beats and merge into fresh Indie music. Guacáyo captivate with a fat bass, charming arrangements and lyrics with meaning, brought across by the singer's distinctive and female voice. But the songs are not only for dancing. Thought provoking lyrics touch on serious themes such as feminism, social injustice, environmental protection, and deep feelings. On stage the band encourages tolerance, self-love and authenticity leading to unity and open hearts. Feel what needs to be felt and the world is yours! The new EP “Lemonade” is an encouraging piece of art inviting everyone to create paradise out of whatever you are given and cannot change. The Hamburg based quartet (vocals, synth bass and keys, drums, guitar) write, record and produce their songs since 2017 and are on their mission to make the world a better place and all of us better lovers. Feel it all, come as you are and be radically authentic! Who is ready for some real Guacáyo sound?

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