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23-26 June 2022

Nice that you're here!


We have now had to cancel our beloved Millerntor Gallery twice, forgoing “Art in the Stadium” and our anniversary MTG for almost two years.

We missed you all - our volunteer supporters, the artists, partners & sponsors as well as every single visitor and are therefore all the more pleased that we can finally get started again.


At this point we are planning  Millerntor Gallery #10 from June 23-26, 2022  to celebrate and are currently preparing everything that can be prepared.

There is still a long way to go and we will only be able to answer many questions specifically in the coming months.

Dear supporters and friends of the MILLERNTOR GALLERY,


first of all: we hope you, your families and friends are doing well and that all of you get through this challenging time as good as possible.


In the last days we've been closely following the dynamic development of Covid-19 and carefully considered various scenarios for our festival. For two weeks now our team works from home, in-person meetings are done virtually or have been postponed. We are also in continuous communication with our expansive network of partners, artists, musicians and everyone else who is involved with MILLERNTOR GALLERY.


Based on the current situation, we have - heavy hearted - decided to cancel our 10th anniversary MILLERNTOR GALLERY for this year. We are making this decision early and with foresight.


The following facts reinforce our decision:

  • As the organizers of MTG we have special responsibility for the health of several hundred volunteer supporters, over 200 artists, musicians and creatives and ultimately 18,000 visitors.

  • In addition, we are dependent on numerous regulatory decisions, which will probably not be made shortly.

  • Due to the current crisis many of our partners and supporters are facing existential challenges, which have already led to cancellations and restrictions. We believe that this trend will continue.

  • The economic risk for us as a small social business is simply too high. Instead we have decided to use our resources immediately and with motivation to work out alternative formats and solidarity actions with our network.


Our plan and goal is to organise our anniversary MTG #10 in the summer of 2021. We want to celebrate it in the way it deserves to be celebrated being our passion project: with a clear head, tons of joy and together with all of you.


After years of support for our wonderful festival, we return the favor by showing our solidarity this year:

concerts and parties together with the Hamburg club scene, digital art and in cooperation with other galleries strengthen connections, maximize potentials and celebrate the strength of our community.

We will let our positive energy shine outside the Millerntor-Stadium to celebrate our anniversary next year with many new friends.


We will soon share our first ideas through our established channels. We invite you to join us.

Let's make the best out of this situation. Let’s create as many unique moments as possible.


However, restricting the spread of COVID-19 has top priority.

Stay healthy, take care of yourselves and your loved ones.



To keep you informed about the first tickets, the line-up, participating artists and our colorful anniversary program, it is best to register for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram,  Facebook and Twitter .

Thank you for your message!

We are very pleased that you are interested in the MILLERNTOR GALLERY. The contact person responsible for the group will contact you in the following days.

Do you make art or music? Or do you have time and would like to volunteer with and for the Millerntor Gallery? You can find out HERE how you can become an active part of our large MTG family.