In our world, all colors are right. In our world, all colors are real. We don't pride ourselves on colors, we don't interpret anything into them and we certainly don't judge them. Our colors have no hierarchies, they are not judged by their appearance, origin or identity - all colors are beautiful!

And they are welcome everywhere. With glitter and confetti they celebrate life and solidarity in taking color space. When dancing together to loud music through the waves of the sun to the deep intoxication of the night, they create a bright play of colors together. In our world, all colors are allowed to travel wherever they want and experience the beauty of other colors, mix with them, because there are no borders or hurdles.

We see ourselves as drops reflecting the light of the sun. We give color to our viewers without being an object of color ourselves. That's why they love us. It doesn't make us more important or right than the other parts of the system, but we just feel important and right. It doesn't make the world bad.

When we are together as a drop, a lot is possible. As rivers, we are nature's brushes - we draw seemingly random lines in the landscape - we just turn as we are driven and nature allows us - so our supposedly random drawing ultimately resembles a complex sound wave, which is an inaudible , but could be tactile visualized bird chirping. A river can theoretically draw any timbre. A bird's-eye view of a river landscape feels like a symphony written with love. We rub against the world like a bow against a violin string.



We make music. we have to dance


As the ocean, we keep the world moving. We keep every organism and life itself supple. As rain, we deliver what we can. But we prefer to be in the air. As a cloud we party until we run out of air. We've got room to dance up there. Less friction - more light. We give ourselves space to see the colors that each individual droplet produces through its reflection. We delight in the beauty of others more than in our own. We can't even see our own colors - they are there for others.

There are moments when it works - when the collective of the drops is in the common flow and everyone aligns themselves with the light of their neighbor, we create something big and become visible as a rainbow. For us it may just be a good feeling - "We are doing the right thing and what is important" - and it makes our togetherness a pleasure. If we are right in the middle of it as a drop, then we don't see the rainbow itself at all, since we are part of it and not the observer. However, we know that in a very specific place in the distance we become visible to others as something unique and breathtakingly beautiful .

The sight of a rainbow and the knowledge that as a drop you are able to be part of a rainbow is inspiring and uplifting - and all you have to do is be a drop.