The team of VcA receives for the next galleries applications as well as proposals. Together with the whole team we are looking through the incoming applications and portfolios. Based on the concept and motto of this year’s gallery the artists will be chosen.

40 empty walls in the Millerntor stadium are waiting to be painted, and a lot of space calls for artists to play.

So far everything is possible: murals, installations, place to hang stuff, sculptures, video and other forms.

Also, workshops, performances and lectures will be hold and organized.  Since we are a social, transcultural gallery we are looking for diversity, to display as many genres as possible.  We are inviting artist from all over the world, as well as local artists. An equal balance between genders is meaningful to us, as well as to reach the global north and south.

We are happy to invite and welcome activist and artists from the countries VcA is cooperating in. In 2017 an artist-in-residence-program was founded.The process of selecting artist involves many factors, whereas we always want to find a balance.

If we are really enthusiastic and blown away from your work, we will ensure you a place at the next gallery. In the following you would have to create a concrete concept that elaborates on this year’s topic. If you already had been a part of the MILLERNTOR GALLERY in the previous years, you can just apply directly with your concept for this year gallery.


Since the stadium is an extraordinary place to display art, we are looking forward to hear many great ideas from the artists but also to recognize and follow their personal growth. We try to give as many artists as possible the chance to publish and create art in the stadium. We beam with joy when artist that have joined the gallery in previous years, have the motivation to follow more galleries and decide to stick with us. Because of that we have a special wall, the Art All-stars wall which displays the art of artist that supported and have been following the MILLERNTOR GALLERY for years.


We do not have a specific target group, regarding the art and the event-. Instead, we are supporting the diversity and enable you visitors that are interested in a societal change, an interaction as well as participation place/platform.

The most special thing about this festival is not only the place, the stadium itself, it also stands for the long live of the murals that will be there, till the next gallery. The FCSP therefore also plays a role, thus the morals need to fit with the magnitudes of the FCSP.


Another fact that we cannot forget to stress, is that through the MILLERNTOR GALLERY art will be sold. Only through this step, we can reach our goal: ART CREATES WATER!


We are excited to see you!