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Why was the MILLERNTOR GALLERY called off?

Unfortunately it will not be possible for us this year to organize a MILLERNTOR GALLERY as we know and love. This decision was again very difficult, but unfortunately - like the cancellation in March 2020 - it was unavoidable.

In particular, the ongoing uncertainties surrounding the corona pandemic and a significantly reduced production window in the summer influenced this decision. With very limited resources (personnel and financial) we had to ask ourselves the following questions:

What will be possible, when and to what extent and is it both safe and economically viable for Viva con Agua ARTS? Do we put everything on one card and are faced with a “hole” again in the event of a failure or restrictions, or do we take a broader position early on and instead plan “a lot of small things” instead of “a big whole”?

After many discussions with FC St. Pauli, friends and partners from the event and festival industry, detailed calculations and the elaboration of hygiene concepts, it became increasingly clear to us that we would again refrain from holding a festival in the most beautiful stadium in the world this year and need to focus on other and new projects to keep our vision alive. In the coming summer we will therefore focus on the renovation of the stadium walls in order to prepare everything for a carefree and revitalized anniversary MTG in 2022. We will continuously report on our plans and activities via our communication channels (MTG, Viva con Agua ARTS &

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When is MILLERNTOR GALLERY going to be celebrated?

We hope and will do everything possible to celebrate the Millerntor Gallery in the summer of a largely pandemic-free year 2022. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide any information at the specific time, but we will keep you informed via our well-known communication channels (especially Instagram & Facebook).

What happens with tickets that have already been purchased?

If you have already purchased a Day- or Festvialticket for the MILLERNTORGALLERY #10, you have different options: Option 1: Support us, all the supporterers involved and our big network of aritsts and cultural creators and keep your ticket as a sign of your solidartity. The tickets stay valid for the postponed date in the coming year. Option 2: Of course you can refund your ticket. If you have bought the ticket through our partner Tix4Gigs, you will be notified per E-mail regarding the process. If you have purchased the fan-tickets directly through us (at a team-meeting, Artvent or the DANKE-Party), please contact

Which other activities are planned around ART CREATES WATER this year?

For the following weeks we plan different, completely new and longstanding activities with and for our network, that will be virtual for the time being. Alongside various live-formats on Instagram and Facebook, we will also try otu We are excited about your participation and your feedback. For the late summer (as long, as the situation has calmed down until then) we plan partys, exhibitions and charity-auctions in cooperation with our friends of the club- culture- and galleryscene in Hamburg and beyond. We will keep you updated through our social media channels.

How can I support you in the current situation?

Even if we can't celebrate a social art-, music- and culture-festival in the Millerntor-stadium this year, our mission "ART CREATES WATER" stays. In this year particularly we will show solidarity with our likewiese affected friends and parteners and plan exhibitions, concerts and partys in cooperation with the art-, music, and clubscene of Hamburg, as well as alternative types of events. Here too, we need many helping heads and hands. You can find more information on how you can involve your interests and talents HERE. If you have limited time, but financial funds available, we are always looking forward for donations: Viva con Agua ARTS gGmbH IBAN: DE44 4306 0967 1055 8200 00 BIC: GENODEM1GLS With your donation you support the projects of Viva con Agua.

Where can I buy art from your network and support ART CREATES WATER?

In the following weeks we plan various livestream- and virtual formats with which we will personally introduce each artists of our network and support their work. The sale of seleceted artistic works is of course part of these formats. If you follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook, you won't miss a thing. Do you already know our Web-Shop? At you can find a selection of various limited prints, our magazine of the last MILLERNTOR GALLERY, as well as the perfect MILLERNTOR GALLERY-street style in cooperation with cleptopmanicx. You already know what you want? You have seen something? If you have a clear idea about your new social artwork and can describe which format, style, color- and price-range it should have, mail us at and we will send you a selection of different works with which you will be able to support our artistic network and the projects of Viva con Agua.

As an artist, I have received an acceptance for the participation in the MILLERNTOR GALLERY, but I haven't been informed about the cancellation and the following procedure.

As a participating artist, you should have received a personal message from us. If your spam folder is empty as well, please contact