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„Fashion for Good“


Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2022
18:30 - 19:10 h


Future Female Africa (FFA) – an international network and digital platform that connects women leaders from the diaspora and the African continent to promote sustainable collaboration and access to global markets. The panel "Fashion for Good" continues the series "FUTURE FEMALE AFRICA in Dialogue".

Onejiru Arfmann (Founder and Creative Director FUTURE FEMALE AFRICA)

In Dialogue:
Martina Offeh (Founder ASHES AND SOIL) & Jennifer Zimmermann (Employer Branding Expert).

About the Panel:
How social commitment in fashion can look like. A conversation with Martina Offeh (founder of the label ASHES AND SOIL) and Jennifer Zimmermann (Employer Branding Expert).

Fashion has many dimensions and yet social commitment is not always included - let alone capitalised. Jennifer and Martina discuss how the "human" component can be considered in the high-end fashion context and how social impact can influence the future of the fashion world, based on her own award-nominated label.


About the speakers:

Onejiru Arfmann
Musician, speaker, entrepreneur and activist

Onejiru is a creative entrepreneur, founder and musician. Born in Kenya, Onejiru's mission is to build bridges between the Global South and the Global North. She wants to encourage people to discover new things and to free themselves from prevailing stereotypes. In times of digital spaces, Onejiru Arfmann has created a place of encounter with eeden in Hamburg as co-founder. As initiator and creative director of the international platform FUTURE FEMALE AFRICA, she has succeeded in uniting over 160 "SHEROS" in dialogue in 4 cities, 3 countries and 2 continents in just 10 months. Besides her career as a musician, she is also involved in the advisory board of the Viva con Agua Foundation.

Martina Offeh

Martina Offeh sees fashion as a reflection of social events and structures. After graduating with a degree in fashion and textile management, she quickly realized that she wanted to use her expertise and multicultural narrative to bring innovative storytelling and social responsibility to the fashion market. As owner and creative director, Martina's label ASHES AND SOIL, founded in 2019, brings together the themes that are close to her heart: Fashion, cultural diversity and social engagement. ASHES AND SOIL is dedicated to promoting intercultural exchange and minority representation in society. Meanwhile, it has been nominated for the BUNTE New Faces Award (2021), listed in a number of renowned publications and is part of the Fashion Council Germany. The label is currently being rebranded and is expected to open its doors again in 2023. Besides her label, Martina has been in sales for 7+ years.

Jennifer Zimmermann
Employer Branding Expert

Jennifer is an employer branding expert and focuses on employer branding. She helps companies to take measures to strengthen their own brand and present themselves to potential applicants as a suitable and attractive employer. Strategic communication, personnel marketing and applicant management are her most important tools.

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