Our Jubilee MILLERNTOR GALLERY #10 with the topic “ALL FOR WATER” takes place from 9th to 12th of July 2020 at the stadium of FC Sankt Pauli in Hamburg, Germany.

The international art, music and culture festival initiated by Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. and FC St. Pauli helps to ideally experience the vision and financially enable the projects of Viva con Agua.

Every year, the Millerntor-Stadium becomes an open platform for dialogue and exchange – locally, internationally and interculturally. Artworks of all genres and a diverse musical, cultural and educational programme demonstrate the different ways in which every person can contribute to a positive social transformation. Based on the volunteer work of more than 150 supporters, the MILLERNTOR GALLERY as a part of the social business Viva con Agua Arts, using the universal language of art and the proceeds from the sale to support the projects of Viva con Agua. Murals, paintings, workshops, performances and much more allow artists as well as about 17.000 visitors to become an active member of our civil society, following the narrative #artcreateswater.


_you paint on walls, you paint on canvas, you build sculptures, you sing, you dance, you perform?

No matter what your art is if you are interested in participating at the MILLERNTOR GALLERY, please apply until the 31th of January 2020 by uploading a concept (PDF) with your interpretation of this year’s topic to the Dropbox:

If you’re a musician please send your application to



The title of next year’s MILLERNTOR GALLERY, ALL FOR WATER, celebrates the “Art of Togetherness” as the universal way of addressing all kinds of issues and challenges we are facing these days. To hold together is not only the chosen way to create new opportunities, solutions and lead our society towards change but also key to a happier and more fulfilling life for all members of our planet. For the tenth time next year the MILLERNTOR GALLERY will emerge through a collective effort of volunteers, artists, cultural workers, partners and staff – ten beautiful year’s of Hamburg’s most colourful festival - made possible by ALL of us.


How do you translate this vision into an artistic practice? How do you create a dialogue with the audience? Is your work of art showing the current state or a vision of a better future? We would like to hand these thoughts back to you. What does the “art of togetherness” means to you? What other topics are related to this? You will be absolutely free to choose your style and content, whether or not you‘re approaching the title directly or indirectly, whether or not you confront the viewer enigmatically or in a straight manner. Use the stadium and its neighbourhood to find a unique stage for your artistic expression.

We are very excited to receive your ideas and impressions!

If you have any questions, please contact:



Curator of Viva con Agua Arts

T. +49 (0) 176 55 94 48 63.