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I am Yoldie, muralist and street artist based in Paris. I paint with a spray can, a brush but also with a marker pen or chalk. My art is composed of an accumulation of lines forming vulvas, flowers, an organic object. I have developed a graphic language of my own, my artistic practice is intuitive and based on the emotion that crosses me during the composition of my work. My creative process is meditative, I never know which direction my work will take. I draw my line the way a musician holds a note and the work gradually takes shape, forming an improvised visual melody. In my drawings, I seek to place an energy, to materialize it between the lines that I draw, to capture a moment, an emotion.

Depending on my mood, my compositions can be saturated and very contrasting or even airy, light. If you have a particular affinity with one of my works, I bet on our emotional match at this precise moment. For a few years I have chosen to invest the public space with my art, I draw my scrolls on supports that attract my attention: walls, windows, floor, stones ... when I stroll in the street I track down the locations that could lend themselves to my abstract urban poetry.

I also like to divert objects that inspire me, such as road signs or even empty aerosols, objects that I find in the garbage or that I hunt for at a flea market, if the texture of the object is pleasant and allows a clear and regular line, I seize it. More conventional media such as canvas or paper also inspire me, I find great pleasure in completely letting go in the cocoon of the studio.


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