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Kaff-eine paints public murals around the world, and pursues realist portraiture in her Australian studio. Combining creativity with a strong social conscience, she makes art and film projects with a wide variety of people from cities and regional towns to remote First Nations communities, inviting audiences to engage with current societal and political issues. Her international collective ‘Cheeseagle’ makes award-winning documentaries described as striking and raw; while her character based painting practice is loaded with symbolism and narrative.

Kaff-eine’s Viva con Agua prints, which feature her signature ‘deerhunter’ characters, were produced for her last solo exhibition Southern Wild. Kaff invited the public to direct their own ‘deerhunter’ portrait sittings, with the knowledge that they’d be made anonymous in her finished artworks. The resulting portraits expressed the amateur models’ often-hidden identities & desires; the bone masks obscuring their faces, while revealing the powerful stories written into their flesh.


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