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A multidisciplinary artist with a foundation in architecture, ‘Hydrane’ is no mere designer. Nor is she a painter or sculptor, neither a conceptual nor a graphic artist; she is all of these things. Based in a studio in Paris’ 6B, a building which is creative home to over 200 artists, Hydrane worked primarily on architectural commissions until 2021.

But since then, she describes herself more accurately as an artist – with an emphatic love for design. Having created designs since childhood, her artwork has evolved over time toward the urban and the site-specific. Initially this began in abandoned buildings, on walls, in a dance with architecture that was strangely appropriate.

The artist chose her name for its association with water (hydra); she is drawn to the multiplicity of forms – and the literal ‘fluidity’ – associated with water, capable of shifting forms from solid to liquid to gas and back in a mysterious, limitless cycle. In a similar way she shifts effortlessly between various media - from sculpture to painting to bas relief, and beyond.


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