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I am 30 years old girl , living in Belgium. I'm a tattoo artist. I started making graffiti when i was 12 years old. I have been drawing and painting my whole life . When I was 15 years old I started working in a tattoo shop, making designs, clean up everything. I hated school and wished to stop school and start my life as an artist, and make money with it and live from it. But i have to go until i have my 'diploma' because my mom say it .
I grow up with my mom alone in poverty. But I alway believe in myself and keep goiing , never thought that i will do everyday what i want . At 19 years old i finished school and start directly in the tattoo shop as an tattoo artist and make money. My fist money i spend on spray cans, start working in a crew . Never thought that my work will go international. In 2017 i won a tv programme 'ink master' . In belgium and Netherland i start become a little bit famous :) .
In those days I worked 50/50 as a tattoo artist and painter/graffiti artist.


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