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Amanda Arrou-Tea

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Amanda Arrou-tea (aka Mandi Oh) was born in the coastal city San Sebastián, Basque Country, in the North of Spain.
From a very young age she felt a connection with the mermaids, feeling in her whole being that they were real, so she started looking for her female clan in every sea, river and pool.

As a deep Cancerian she started portraying with oil paint her vision of feelingswhen she was only 9 years old.

As obvious as it sounds, she started studying Fine Arts and chased the opportunities of going to different Universities with Erasmus and Seneca scholarships between Spain and France which made her develop a wider sight on paint, photography and video.

After finishing the degree in Fine Arts she was still hungry of knowledge and moved to Mexico to continue her studies-strategically closeto the cenotes where she had found her first mermaid a couple of years before.

Some years of mystical energies, paint, sea salt, more paint, studies, curatorships, hot weather and more paint were enough to make her decide move to Berlin,Germany, to focus on her artistic career for good.

She now resides in Berlin where her studio is and travels for developing artistic projects.

Amanda Arrou-Tea

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